Steamrail StationEdit

The steamrail stations allow you to quickly move about the city, and they only cost you 5 gold.

Cassandra PettiboneEdit

During daylight hours you’ll find a woman in a purple dress standing on the corner. When you talk to her, she’ll ask you to meet her at her house (#3) for a private conversation.

Pettibone ResidenceEdit

When you speak with Cassandra Pettibone in her residence, she’ll ask you to steal an elven funerary stone from the Elven Ruins, and she’ll mark the location on your world map. She’ll offer to pay you 250 gold, but you might be able to bump that up to 300 with the right dialogue options. After stealing the stone and returning it to Pettibone, you’ll receive 1000 experience plus your reward money, and you’ll lose some alignment.

Thieves Underground ContactEdit

If you talked to Lukan the Witless in Shrouded Hills and learned of the Thieves Underground, then talking to the man in the alley will get you an introduction to Thaddeus Mynor (#46). If you didn’t talk with Lukan, then the man will approach you after you complete Cassandra Pettibone’s quest (#3).

Castleton’s General StoreEdit

Thurston’s Fashion PalaceEdit

Matthew JamesonEdit

You’ll find Jameson loitering next to the sewer entrance. If you talk to him, he’ll tell you that he lost his wedding ring in the sewers, and he’ll ask you to find it. Once you return the ring to Jameson, you’ll receive 1200 experience, 150 gold, and some alignment.

Garringsburg ResidenceEdit

When you speak to Evelyn Garringsburg inside, she’ll tell you that a painting titled “Kerghan and Persephone” was stolen from her. If you ask her about the crime, she’ll mention that her husband might have talked about the painting while drunk, and if you read the newspaper on the floor, you’ll learn that the husband is a member of the Wellington Gentlemen’s Club (#13). (You’ll also learn the painting is worth 50,000 gold, making the 300 gold reward money seem a little low.)

Mooreland ResidenceEdit

Halster ResidenceEdit

Willoughsby ResidenceEdit

Lorham the bodyguard will tell you that Edward Willoughsby is away at Caladon on business. Willoughsby won’t appear until after you visit Qintarra, and then he’ll immediately leave for his office at City Hall (#35).

In the back room of the residence there is an exit into the sewers, but it leads to a nasty fight against a few mechanized arachnids.


Wellington Gentlemen’s ClubEdit

If you’re a female, the doorman won’t let you inside. To get in, you’ll need to visit Mr. Wellington at his residence (#29). Wellington will require you to pay a fee and then “show your appreciation” before he’ll let you into his club. If you don’t like his terms, then you can kill him or rob him to get the invitation.

Inside the club, you’ll find some people to talk to: Gurin Rockharrow, Matt de Cesare, and a dark elf noble. Rockharrow is the Gambling Master. The other two are involved in quests originating elsewhere (#8 and #28).

Bridesdale InnEdit

Franklin ResidenceEdit

P. Schuyler & SonsEdit

Out front you’ll find Magnus, a potential follower. He’ll tell you that he came to the Schuylers to find out about a bracelet, but that he hasn’t been able to get in to see them. He’ll also tell you some rumors about the Schuylers. Magnus can create pure ore and balanced swords, so you might want to add him to your group just long enough for him to make those things for you, if for no other reason.

Inside you’ll have to deal with James Kingsford. The first time you talk to him, he’ll brush you off. The second time, if you’re persuasive enough, you can convince him you’re with the authorities, and then he’ll give you the key to the lower levels.

Grant’s TavernEdit

Inside you can find J.M. Morat, the Haggle Master.

Tarant TelegraphEdit

Assuming you read the note from Brother Joachim in Shrouded Hills, you’ll receive a telegraph from him here. This time he’ll direct you to Stillwater.

Geoffrey’s Gears and Gadgetry / Anna’s HerbalsEdit

Wallow’s Quality ArmorEdit

Smythe’s Gun ShoppeEdit

Vermillion StationEdit

Out front you can meet Jared, the Captain of the Vermillion Station guard. If you have Wilhemina’s Note to Jared from the Crash Site, then you can give it to Jared. You’ll receive 1700 experience and some alignment for the deed. Then Jared will ask you to go to the stonecutter’s (#54) to arrange for a tombstone for Wilhemina. You’ll get 1700 experience and some alignment for doing that, but nothing will happen if you return to let Jared know.


The train can take you to Black Root or Ashbury. Tickets cost 75 gold per party member. If your magical aptitude is high enough, you’ll have to use the “Mage’s Caboose.” You won’t be able to use the train at all if you have Dog / Worthless Mutt with you.

Tarantian Editorial OfficeEdit

Inside you can tell Victor Wright about the zeppelin crash, and he’ll pay you 500 (or 800) gold for it. Telling your story makes you better known, but it doesn’t seem to have any negative consequences. You can also ask Wright for more work, and he’ll give you 75 gold for delivering a note to Mrs. Halster (#10). You’ll also receive 1200 experience.

Delores Beston, Seer of the UnnaturalEdit

Delores will ask you to find her a new crystal ball. Further, after some mumbo jumbo with your hair, she’ll suggest you go to Madam Toussaude’s (#39) to obtain one. When you arrive at Madam Toussaude’s, the seer will already know you’re there to take her crystal ball, and she’ll ask you to choose sides.

Fitzgerald ResidenceEdit

Franklin T. Fitzgerald is the Spot Traps Master.

Sammie WhiteEdit

Keep trading insults with Sammie until you get the option to say, “I think you actually enjoy insulting people.” Then you’ll be able to speak to him normally, but this is only important if you want to get the pickpocket master training.

Thom GrakEdit

He’ll ask you to deliver a message to Matt de Cesare, who you can find in the Wellington Gentlemen’s Club (#13). However, when you get there you’ll discover that Grak is an assassin, and he was just using you to lead him to his target. You’ll also receive 1700 experience. After you foil the plot (or, more likely, after de Cesare foils the plot without your help) de Cesare will ask to talk to you outside.

Wellington ResidenceEdit

Xe’Rad’s Magick ArmoryEdit

Barach’s MageriumEdit

32 - Zaramin’s House of Darke MagickEdit

This shop is only open at night.

H.T. Parnell’sEdit

Inside, there are two people you can talk to: Gar, “the world’s most intelligent orc,” and H.T. Parnell, the proprietor. Talk to Gar first, and ask him about teas. If you have at least 2 ranks of persuasion, you can claim green teas are superior to black teas, and Gar will slip and show his true intelligence. Then you’ll learn his true name is Garfield Thelonius Remington III, and that he’s human.

The Zoological SocietyEdit

Inside there are three exhibits. If you click on the sign in front of the dragon skull, the Lair of Bellerogrim will appear on your world map. If you open up the ancient iron chest (either by eventually creating the key, or by using a fate point) you’ll find a map to “the place of lost voices” and three ancient iron drums. This is just a piece of the Iron Clan quest, which is triggered at the Wheel Clan.

You can also talk to Dr. Tristan Fenwick, the head of the society, but nothing much will come of it. Fenwick is involved in a quest originating in Stillwater, so don’t kill him.

City HallEdit

City Hall includes the Department of Water and Power, Edward Willoughsby’s office, and the Hall of Records (downstairs).

The Hall of Records is useful if you want to look up information about characters, such as Rorry Limes (#8). It is also required for one quest in the game, so if you accidentally kill the clerk, be sure to look through the nearby file cabinets.

Tarant UniversityEdit

The university contains a library (to the west), a lecture hall (to the east), and an administrative building (to the north).

Junk DealerEdit

Madam Lil’sEdit

Inside, ask Madam Lil about her establishment. She’ll eventually bring up Belle the sheep. Decline the option, and then Madam Lil will mention some work you can do for her:

Madam Toussaude’s House of SecretsEdit

Madam Toussaude is in a feud with Delores Beston, another seer. Their quest is covered in #25.

Thieves Underground FenceEdit

After you’ve joined the Thieves Underground (see #4 and #46), this is where you’ll need to go to drop off the loot you’ve stolen.

Poone’s FlophouseEdit


Once you have a reason to go to certain locations (like Caladon), you’ll be able to book passage on the ship.

Simon Plough’s WarehouseEdit

Out front, Simon will ask you to clear the rats out of his warehouses. Start with the small warehouse to the west, and then use the key you’ll find there to open the big warehouse to the east. Mostly you’ll face lowly sewer rats, but you’ll also find a couple prodigious vermin as well. Once you clear out the warehouses, you’ll earn 3100 experience plus gain some alignment, and you’ll be able to use the warehouses for your own stuff. (The warehouses are located midway between the gypsy and the junk dealer, and they have several containers, so they make a good base of operations.)

36 Low Dervish RoadEdit

Inside you’ll find three men. They’re involved in a quest (see #8), so don’t kill them yet.


This is the warehouse where you can find the skulls of the Ren’ar Siamese twins (see #28 and #36), but you’ll have to fight a nasty wererat and a half-ogre guard to get to them (the half-ogre only shows up after you talk to Matt de Cesare). You’ll find gold on the corpse of the wererat but nothing on the half-ogre.

Mynor ResidenceEdit

Inside you’ll find Thaddeus Mynor, the leader of the Thieves Underground. If you’ve met an Underground contact in the city (such as #4), then you can ask Mynor to let you join up. He’ll give you a quest to prove your worth, to steal a map to the Closed Tarant Sewers from the Department of Water (#35).


Stanton ImportersEdit

If you’ve triggered the Bessie Toone Mine quest, then you’ll be able to acquire the deed to the mine from Stanton. However, he won’t be carrying the deed on him, so you’ll only have two ways of getting it: purchasing it from him for 350 gold, or convincing him that you’re with the Industrial Council and that there was a problem with the sale of the mine. Then he’ll give the deed to you rather than face a possible investigation.

Water and Power PlantEdit

Appleby ResidenceEdit

Inside, Cedric Appleby won’t have anything to say to you until you have a reason to talk to Gilbert Bates (that is, you can’t do anything with Appleby until after you talk to the Schuylers). Then he’ll complain that Bates is a charlatan and steals all of his best ideas, and he’ll try to recruit you to humiliate and destroy Bates. Completing Appleby’s quests to hurt Bates is one way to learn about Bates (and complete a main quest). The other way is to help Bates and then talk to him. So decide which course of action you want to take before completing any quests for either man.

Panarii TempleEdit

The priest inside can give you some background information on Nasrudin, Arronax, and the Void. He’ll even give you a funny pamphlet. In the chest next to him you’ll find the Jewel of Hebe, a pretty good necklace.

Orc FactoryEdit

At some point in Tarant, the headline of the day will be “Anarchist Laborers Take Over Factory.” That’s the indication that you can complete the Donn Throgg quest.

Arachnid WarehouseEdit

Inside you’ll find four mechanized arachnids. The loot in the room isn’t worth the effort to kill them, though.

Stonecutter’s EstablishmentEdit

57 Mulligan Bone AlleyEdit

Inside you’ll find a level 14 half-ogre carrying the key to the back room. The painting from the Garringsburg quest (#8) is in the back room. Just kill or rob the half-ogre to get the key and then the painting.

Bates Engine FactoryEdit

Bates WarehouseEdit

Front Gate to Bates MansionEdit

Bates MansionEdit


A. Exit down into the Open Tarant Sewers.
B. Exit to the Boil.
C. Exit down to the Closed Tarant Sewers.