IFS Zephyr is a zeppelin in the computer game "Arcanum" headed to the largest city in the land of Arcanum known as Tarant.

The IFS Zephyr was not only a representation of how far and how fast the industrial capabilities of Arcanum had become, it was also something that represented complete nobility. Every person in the opening sequence is represented to be the richest and most noble of Arcanum. There was even an Ogre aboard the craft that was holding a glass of wine. Only in an establishment of utter wealth would you see such things.

Alas, the might IFS Zephyr was shot down by some Strange Flying devices in there air controlled by what were either ogres or orcs. Either way it was a grand shame that the ship went down the way it did, yet without that taking place the whole unique story behind the so called "reincarnation" or Nasrudin. (Of course based on the teachings of the Panari Religion.} Therefore you would have no Arcanum. And so I think you will agree, the loss of the IFS Zephyr was truly tragic, yet very neccesery.