A similar situation has arisen around the Half-Ogres. While they are not as common in the Arcanum society as the Half-Orcs, they are considered a part of our society by most people. Frankly, though, they aren't too bright and have trouble dealing with other races. Their strength and endurance makes most people treat them with respect though. Most half-ogres are about 120 inches tall (3 m), and their lifespan is 90 years or so. Oddly enough, there are no records of any female Half-Ogres.

Statistics: Half-Ogres, being as burly and brutish as they are, get a +4 to Strength and a +10% Damage Resistance but they loose 1 point of Beauty, 4 points of Intelligence and 2 ranks of Prowling. They are also unable to use many of the smaller guns and much of the armour available in the game.